Semi Truck Trailer Repairs


Sometimes a breakdown are caused by a trailer problem, such as a faulty door, bad trailer brakes, or other issues. Don’t let a simple trailer repairs put you out of commission. Our skilled roadside truck repair mechanics have the tools and knowledge to diagnose and repair your trailer when you get stuck roadside in the Phoenix Metro area.

Your trailer is just as important as any other part of your truck, so when you need trailer repairs in the Phoenix area, whether it’s an electrical, brake, or suspension problem, call Phoenix Truck Repair to get you back in working order.

Here is a list of the most common trailer repairs that a semi trailer will need. If you need trailer repair, please call us right away and let us help to get your truck on the road ASAP.

Bad Driving Lights

The lights on your trailer are one of the most important safety components of your truck, especially if you often drive at night or early in the morning. The exterior lights on your trailer keep you and other drivers safe on the by telling them where your truck starts and ends. Faulty electrical parts can spell trouble on your trailer’s lighting and brake systems. It vitally important not to let these trailer repairs go unaddressed. If your trailer lights aren't working properly, whether it’s just a bad light bulb or a complicated electrical problem, call us today to have it repaired.

Faulty Trailer Doors

Keeping your load secure is one of the most important parts of your job as a truck driver, which is why it’s so important to make sure your trailer doors are whole and in good working condition. A damaged trailer door can put you out of service and get you off schedule just as fast as a major engine malfunction.

Trailer Floors

The floor of your trailer probably isn’t something you think about too often, but if it is damaged, your cargo can be at risk at risk of being damaged. A successful delivery depends on a solid trailer floor. We can manage all dry bulk trailer repairs you might experience. Don’t let a compromised floor keep you from your next destination. Trailer floors can be made of timber, aluminum, stainless steel or other strong metals, and we have the tools to fix any of them quickly and completely.

Trailer Brakes

You rely on your truck brakes a lot, especially when hauling a full load.  A loss of braking power can mean the difference between safely being able to stop and a bad truck accident. Your trailer brakes take a lot of stress with the weight of commercial cargo loads. Your trailer brake system needs to be checked regularly to make sure you have the stopping power to handle your cargo load and the road conditions. We can repair any trailer brake problems. So don’t let worn out trailer brakes put you on the side of the road.