Liftgate Repairs


Semi Truck liftgates don’t typically need repairs, but they are still susceptible to damage from normal daily use. When a liftgate won’t carry a load or becomes stuck in place, it can cause major headaches that can cost you time and money.

Fortunately, these repairs are fairly easy to diagnose, and the repairs are typically simple and take less than a few hours. There are only a few moving parts that make up a lift, so usually we can fix you up and get you moving quickly.

Some of the most common liftgate problems you’ll experience are listed below.

  • Platform will not lift properly
  • Lift doesn’t move when fully loaded
  • Platform drifts slowly when raised
  • Platform raises with a load, but slowly falls
  • Lift will not move
  • Lowers very slowly or not at all
  • Leaking fluid operation

All of these lift gate repairs can be performed quickly and efficiently by our mobile truck repair technicians. If you’re having problems and you’re in the Phoenix Metro area, call today so that we can get your lift back up in no time.