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Diesel Engine Repairs


Diesel Engine being repaired in Phoenix AZ

Diesel engines are extremely reliable, but regular maintenance and repairs are needed if you want to keep your semi truck in top shape. Oil changes must be done on schedule and filters have to be cleaned or replaced at the proper intervals.

Since diesel engines don’t have electric engine components like spark plugs, wires and ignition coils, there are less parts to maintain. But you still need to keep a regular maintenance schedule to avid costly repairs down the road.

Our Phoenix Truck Repair Mechanics have experience working with all kinds of diesel engine repairs and maintenance. We have the tools to properly diagnose and repair any engine problem that puts your truck out of commission.

We can handle problems like fuel delivery issues, leaking gaskets and hoses, engine cooling problems, dirty fuel injectors, and hard starting.

If you are experiencing any of the Phoenix Truck Repair problems listed below, you need to have your engine diagnosed and repaired.

If your engine gets too hot, your cooling system needs to be inspected for leaks or faulty parts. Radiator leaks blockages, worn belts or even worn tires can put undue load on the engine and cause it to overheat. Cooling fans often malfunction because of faulty motors, fuses or relays. Even the excessive summer heat can wear heavily on your truck’s cooling system.

Axles, brakes and tires that need repairs can lead to engine trouble if not fixed soon enough. They also put added stress on the engine that pushed the engine past it’s limits.

Oil leaks are also a sign that something needs to be repaired. It can be something simple like a new bolt or drain seal, or it could require more significant repairs. . If these are in poor condition, it’ll put excessive strain on the engine.

When your engine won’t start or starts hard, that’s another clue something is off. Battery and started problems can disable a semi truck very quickly, but the repairs are usually not difficult and can be repaired in a jiffy.

If your truck smokes excessively under normal conditions, that’s a sign something internal needs to be fixed. Depending on what color the smoke is will determine if the problem is related to fuel injector problems, worn piston rings or cylinders or a loss of compression or issues with engine timing.