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Air Brake Repairs Phoenix


Brakes are one of the most important safety features of big rig driving. They can be overused, not maintained properly, or perhaps even be the result of a faulty design. Truck drivers need to be able to depend on their brakes. You can never be too careful when it comes to brake maintenance and repair.

Brake-related Truck Repairs in Phoenix are likely to draw out-of-service citations, which means a call-out before the truck can even be moved. It’s vital to include regular and consistent brake inspections and service as part of preventative maintenance.

Tractor-trailer accidents happen too all the time, and some of those accidents are caused by semi truck brake failure due to brakes that were not properly maintained. 

Semi Truck Brake Repairs Phoenix

To maintain air brakes in sound working order, they need to be able to perform a host of tasks to keep a steady flow of air compressed and directed.  As a driver presses on the brake pedal, the air is moved through the lines into the brake chamber. The compressed air is moved against a push rod that then pushes against the slack adjuster, which turns the S-Cam allowing the brake linings to reach the brake drum, which creates friction to slow the truck down. Every part of your truck braking system needs to be in working order for this process to work and your brakes to be effective.

Failure to properly maintain air braking systems can also cause premature wear or even failure of other vital parts of your truck like suspension, tires, and even engine trouble. Don't wait, call today to have your complete air brake system inspected for any leaks or worn out fittings so you can be sure your truck is as safe as it can be.